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Meal and Grocery Planning

how about we make it more inspiring and convenient?

The Problem

You really *do* want to adhere to a gluten-free diet. But it can be oh so hard. Preparation is key and at the same time such a fuss. Sampling recipes, generating grocery lists and cooking, it takes the kind of effort you can't always muster.

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High time for an assistant that makes gluten-free eating more inspiring and convenient! An assistant that is with you wherever you go. The KickDish service is that gluten-free meal and grocery companion. More about it later, now first for some numbers:

U.S. Facts about food allergies and intolerances


of all Americans could be suffering from one or more food intolerances


million dollars is what special diets alone cost families


is the number of ER visits caused by food allergies each year

The All-in-one Meal Planner

KickDish makes gluten-free eating convenient, enjoyable and more inspiring.

Let's say you are a family of 4. Here's how KickDish helps you serve healthy and gluten-free meals, as it :
  • finds gluten-free meals for you
  • takes preferences and intolerances of your partner and kids into account
  • generates grocery lists on the fly
  • synchronizes grocery lists with whomever you'd like
  • indicates which fruits and vegetables are in season
  • introduces you to fresh new seasonal recipes ... each month
  • is always by your side, at work, during travel, and so on 
In short, KickDish is an indispensable service to fit gluten-free eating into a hectic life. Wouldn't this help you stay on the right track, once and for all?  
KickDish is the vital link to a healthier life.

How KickDish is different

KickDish lets you keep all sort of grocery lists. Like e.g. a list with frequently bought items. Then just add it to your list with one tap. Will you have dinner with the 4 of you today and enjoy it tomorrow with one more? Not a problem as KickDish adjusts grocery lists and portion sizes for you.

In short, having a gluten-free meal plan is good. But the follow-up is such a hassle. KickDish is your companion. It does all the heavy lifting for you.


  • Identifying recipes that will suit everyone’s tastes and health needs, heading out to hunt for the ingredients at the grocery store, and then actually pulling out the pots and pans to whip together a little magic is a process that takes hours, but with KickDish, mobile app users can plan meals in minutes.
    Foodable Network
  • KickDish, one of our finalists is one of the most interesting meal and grocery assistant to look out for in the next couple of years.
    Mobile World Congress - 4YFN, Barcelona 2015
  • As a busy mom of 2 kids and having to take several food intolerances into account, I rely on KickDish to suggest gluten-free recipes to me. Then when I select one, generating a grocerylist is a snap.

The Features

Every month fresh gluten-free seasonal recipes. Taking your taste buds or other intolerances into account. Custom generated shopping lists. Plus collaborative features like sharing shopping lists with others. And more. Much much more.

1. Your Tastes/Intolerances:

On the screen you indicate what your allergies or intolerances are. Or simply what you can't stomach. Then you find lots of allergen-free, tasty recipes in the Menu Planner. These customized meal suggestions increase your chances for sticking to a gluten-free program. (click to play)

2. Mobile Menu Planner with personal grocery list

See the video for a brief demonstration. As you see, you quickly customize the app with your favorite recipes. Then you quickly generate a personal grocery list. The eternal question: "What should I eat today" is an issue of the past. Though you can print your grocery list, how about just taking your smartphone with you to the store? And check off items as you go along.

3. Continuous updates

As a KickDish member you receive fresh recipes, monthly. And existing recipes are continuously -if necessary- improved. Also, the KickDish service is continuously improved. You will be the first to benefit from updates. And we welcome your suggestions.

4. Benefits of Seasonal Food
Suppose you live in the Great Lake region in the U.S. Then some examples of vegetables that are now (Late October) in season are: Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, Peppers and Cabbage. And right now, with regards to fruit you will find: Grapes, Apples, Raspberries, and more.
Wouldn't it be great if your Meal Planner took the availability of this seasonal produce into account?

The KickDish recipes are seasonal. That means that each month the available recipes change, because each month new foods are in season. So with KickDish, you enjoy the following benefits:

it is cheaper because what is in season, is often on sale!
it is much healthier (local and more fresh)
easier because it is available at your local grocery store
better for the environment (less food miles)
and it tastes better!

5. Add your own recipes

It may very well be that you have built up some favorite recipes over the years. It's possible that these exact recipes are to be found in the KickDish recipe database. If not, you can add them quickly. The Menu Planner makes a clear visual distinction between the base recipes and those added by you.

6. The collaborative meal planner

Sharing your grocery lists is super convenient. Especially when you're not the only one in the family who grocery shops. Or if you want to encourage other family members to do so ;-).

KickDish gives you a synchronized grocery list that is always up-to-date. Just check off what you've bought already and the rest of your family will be informed immediately.

7. Early bird pricing - for life

We have recently launched the KickDish service as we saw a clear need for it. Meal planning, especially if you'd like to eat gluten-free, was just too cumbersome.

As KickDish is in constant development, we reward you for joining us at this early stage. By the time KickDish 2.0 is released (end of summmer 2016), the annual pricing will go up. Sign-up now already and benefit from a deep discount. And no price hikes for you - for life.

8. Opportunity to further shape KickDish to your needs

We listen closely to all our customers. But the ones that are on our journey from the start get to to tell us (and receive!) what they expect from the KickDish service.

Become an early adapter and we convert your input into new features and services with passionate dedication.

KickDish connects you with the perfect recipe for you today by sifting through more than:


unique breakfasts 


unique lunches 


unique dinners 

Join Us

Interested to also make gluten-free living as practical and easy as possible? Then let KickDish assist you every step of the way. As an early-bird, you enjoy a discounted price for life and unlimited support. Above all, you may influence the next steps of development of the KickDish service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The KickDish servivce is meal planning done for you. This saves you heaps of time and frustration.
.... lactose / gluten / dairy / garlic / onions and much more, is the KickDish service appropriate for me? Absolutely! KickDish adapts to your preferences, no matter how strict they are.
Please give us your feedback through our contact form. Thanks.