Get your meals planned & grocery shopping done

…in 10 minutes or less

What if planning personalised meals, drafting a single grocery list, doing all grocery shopping and getting it delivered would all be offered through one single app?

If I may, just imagine for a second how this will free you up from worry and hassle.

Well, KickDish offers you this today. And more is on its way. Please do join us for the journey. May our app impress you through its convenience!


One seamless place from where to do it all

“tap, tap, tap, done”.

Get inspired by 300.000+ curated recipes

Filter by allergens, dietary protocol, season, you name it. We will help you identify the ideal recipes for you and your loved ones.

Suggestions based on your fridge

Get recipe ideas with ingredients you have already. Saving you time and money. And reducing food waste.

Look to a single grocery list

Drafted from the meals you chose and your favourite brands. Always up-to-date. Saving you heaps of time.

Share lists with others

Share the planned recipes. Share the grocery list. Share the food. Share the looovvvvvve.

Pick time of delivery

… or store pick-up from still available options. Rest assured now that you reserved your spot.

Keeps track of your history

The next time you use the app, you are done even quicker. Have a seamless day!

Your recipe is just a
few taps away

… and here are just a few of the 25+ filters at your disposal:







Always keep an overview
of your meal plan

Everything’s under control. Here’s what
else you can do here:

Change servings

Set favourite recipes on repeat

Pick your favourite
product for each shopping
list ingredient

Next time around consider this done!

Filter by brand

Navigate to pick other products

Products with images ON/OFF

One last check and your
order is on its way!


I cannot locate your app in the App Stores!

At the moment, KickDish is only available in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta. We will be opening up to other countries soon.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Everything we do is to offer you convenience around getting groceries done. We believe that doing this in a seamless fashion is what makes us better than any other service out there.
Please do correct us if you believe we’re wrong. We’re listening!

I am allergic to...

… lactose / gluten / dairy / garlic / onions and much more, is the KickDish service appropriate for me?
Absolutely! KickDish adapts to your preferences, no matter how strict they may be.

I have another question or suggestion

Please send us your message through our contact form. Thanks.

Am I obliged to use the shopping service?

If you prefer to grocery shop yourself, you can just use the app to plan your meals and generate your grocery lists. There are no obligations to order from the app.

Will there be any recipes specific for a low GI diet?

Yes, you can find wide range of recipes for all types of diet, for low glycemic index as well.

Do you have recipes for kids as well?

Yes, the app offers kid-friendly recipes as well.

Is the app free? Or just for a limited time?

Yes, the app is free to use and always will be.