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    If you are an investor with interest in marketplaces, look no further. KickDish is launching its SEIS campaign on Seedrs soon.

    KickDish is building the world’s very first meal plan to grocer marketplace. It allows everyone to plan meals and get groceries done by means of a few taps.

    We already integrate with Tesco and Ocado. Go here to learn more about what the KickDish app is and does.

    KickDish is an interesting investment opportunity as it:

    1. introduces a novel way of getting groceries done
    2. has multiple revenue streams: order kickbacks, brand advertising, sponsored meal plans.
    3. generates a lot of of consumer data that will be utilised to make the product even more convenient to use
    4. is fully scalable, as we don’t hold inventory ourselves

    Here’s what you need to do to be informed as soon as our campaign opens in private mode:

    1. Make sure you have an Seedrs account. Sign up for one here.
    2. Fill in the form on the left, to be among the first to be notified when our campaign launches.

    In general, SEIS campaigns are in short supply, because of the numerous tax benefits. The maximum we can offer under this regime is GBP 150.000. Which happens to be the amount we are raising. We have received advanced assurance from the HMRC, guaranteeing SEIS benefits to our investors.

    Note that we will not opt for overfunding, as we do not need additional funding at this moment in time.

    When you have signed up using the form below, you will be notified when we open in private mode.