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KickDish is a universal meal and grocery planner. It connects meal suggestions to getting grocery ingredients delivered. As such, it´s a Malta first.

We are launching in Malta this month. During the launch period we welcome 100 households. Each of and every one of them gains exclusive access to our meal planning app and grocery service. There are no costs involved, apart from the normal cost of groceries and if applicable, delivery costs.

Apply by filling in the form to the right.

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  • Key benefits of KickDish:

    • Inspiration through access to fresh seasonal recipes each month (X-mas is around the corner!)
    • Convenience as KickDish converts your meal plan into handy grocery lists
    • Includes family members by sharing lists and plans with them
    • A Malta supermarket delivers all ingredients right to your doorstep at time slots you choose



This is how the application process will look like:

  1. You fill in the application form and send it to us
  2. We review your application
    (During the launch period we accept 100 households. Any additional registration will be added to a waiting list. This is for when we open up our service to a larger audience.)
  3. We create a KickDish account for the approved applicants
  4. You start planning your meals with KickDish. We take care of the rest.

Apply now and let us inspire you with seasonal recipes plus save you tremendous amounts of time getting your groceries done.

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